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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Thankful for Amusement Parks!

Happy Saturday! Grateful to see another day! I'm super excited!!! Today I'm heading to Six Flags Magic Mountain to ride Twisted Colossus roller coaster. I'm in a state of gratitude with feelings of joy and excitement. so I  want to pay it forward and share some gratitude tips to shift your state of being if just for a moment.

Make Gratitude a habit by retraining your brain to think about all there is to be grateful for, in good times or bad, can be life-changing. One of the ways to do this is by viewing each day as a gift. Before the day begins is an excellent time to reflect on all there is to be grateful for. This starts the day with feelings of hope, peace and happiness. You can simply say thank you for the day as soon as you wake up. This puts us right first thing in the morning and starts our day on a good note instead of starting the day out with negative thoughts.

You can also write a gratitude journal, when you jot things down, as opposed to just thinking about them, you are truly taking in each and every one. You aren’t just aware of them, you are acknowledging them. You are pausing and remembering the positives of your day and in your life. You are focusing on a moment in time that you truly appreciated and you are allowing it to sink into your heart and soul. Posting pictures and writing about the things you feel grateful for each day. Gratitude can lead to feelings of love, appreciation, generosity, and compassion, which further open our hearts and help rewire our brains to fire in more positive ways.

When we learn to give thanks, we are learning to concentrate not on the bad things, but on the good things in our lives." Says Amy Vanderbilt. Thinking about the good things helps us to be grateful. Remaining grateful helps us to have a positive attitude prompts us to thank about the good rather than the bad. It's a positive cycle that helps fuel itself. If you operate out gratitude you will have no time to be angry. Gratitude is the cure.

Experiencing and expressing gratitude is an important part of any spiritual practice. It opens the heart and activates a new way of thinking.Don’t just think your thanks, show it! Don’t let the kindness of others go unnoticed. Sometimes it’s easy to take for granted the people who are closest to us, but those are the people we should thank the most. Your family, your friends, the ones who love and support you are the ones who should feel your thankfulness the most.
"Thank you, always say thank you; it's the greatest gift you can give someone; because thank you is what you give to God." - Maya Angealou 

List five things you are grateful for today.Show your gratitude. Who can you thank today, and how will you show your appreciation? Take a step of faith today and begin to show your thankfulness to those around you. When you feel least thankful, you are most in need of what gratitude can give you: perspective. If you're having a bad day, what is the smallest thing you can be grateful for? If you can think of nothing else, think of your breath. Let it overflow! Sow seeds of gratitude and blessing so you can reap an abundant harvest of blessing in return! 

1. Thankful to see another day!

2. Thankful to be going to six flags.

3. Thankful to Booker for buying my    season pass.

4. Thankful for my friends & family!

5. Thankful for my super duper workout this morning. 

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Friday, May 22, 2015

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

In honor of Memorial Day I would like to take this time to thank the troops past and present for their dedication and sacrifice for this great country. And thank their families for the sacrifice that they make. Their heroism and courage allows for freedom and democracy to spread. so that one day all people may be free from tyranny and oppression. I continue to ask God to bless this great country that I love so much and to watch over the troops and their families. - Bryon

Richard Nixon: Proclamation 3912 - Prayer for Peace, Memorial Day, 1969

By the President of the United States Of America
A Proclamation

On Memorial Day it is customary for Americans to honor the memory of their fellow countrymen who have died in the defense of freedom. Meditating on their sacrifices, we honor not only their memory but also the principles of justice and freedom for which they gave their lives.

Yet honor is not enough. Although we cannot change the pattern of the past, we must do all we can to create a pattern of justice and peace for the future.

The Congress, by a joint resolution of May 11, 1950 (64 Stat. 158), has requested the President to issue a proclamation calling upon the people of the United States to observe each Memorial Day as a day of prayer for permanent peace and designating a period during such day when the people of the United States might unite in such supplication.

Now, Therefore, I, Richard Nixon,President of the United States of America, do hereby designate Memorial Day, Friday, May 30, 1969, as a day of prayer for permanent peace, and I designate the hour beginning in each locality at 11 o'clock in the morning of that day as a time to unite in such prayer.

I urge the press, radio, television, and all other information media to cooperate in this observance.

I urge also that on this consecrated day, all the people of America offer their prayers to the Almighty to make reason and good will prevail so that peace can once again bless our nation.

As a special mark of respect for those Americans who have given their lives in the tragic struggle in Vietnam, I direct that the flag of the United States be flown at half-staff all day on Memorial Day, instead of during the customary forenoon period, on all buildings, grounds, and naval vessels of the Federal Government throughout the United States and all areas under its jurisdiction and control.

I also request the Governors of the States and of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and the appropriate officials of all local units of government to direct that the flag be flown at half-staff on all public buildings during that entire day, and request the people of the United States to display the flag at half-staff from their homes for the same period.

In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand this sixteenth day of May, in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and sixty-nine, and of the Independence of the United States of America the one hundred and ninety-third.


Citation: Richard Nixon: "Proclamation 3912 - Prayer for Peace, Memorial Day, 1969," May 16, 1969. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project.

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