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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Express Gratitude Daily!

My favorite and most useful tool in my toolbox has to GRATITUDE! Of all the virtues, gratitude seems to be the least expressed. How often do people go out of their way to thank you? How often do you receive a thank you note when you give a gift? More important, how often do you extend your thanks to others? In our culture of plenty, where everyone feels entitled, we tend to take things for granted.
A year ago, I was watching Oprah;s LifeClass and Oprah encouraged the audience and viewers to keep a gratitude journal to help them appreciate life more by focusing on the good things in your life big or small. Also in that show I learned Fear is why we don't take action and anger is why we stop and Gratitude is the antidote. You can not be fearful or angry and grateful simultaneously.

When we learn to give thanks, we are learning to concentrate not on the bad things, but on the good things in our lives." Says Amy Vanderbilt. Thinking about the good things helps us to be grateful. Remaining grateful helps us to have a positive attitude prompts us to thank about the good rather than the bad. It's a positive cycle that helps fuel itself. If you operate out gratitude you will have no time to be angry. Gratitude is the cure.
List five things you are grateful for today.Show your gratitude. Who can you thank today, and how will you show your appreciation?When you feel least thankful, you are most in need of what gratitude can give you: perspective. If you're having a bad day, what is the smallest thing you can be grateful for? If you can think of nothing else, think of your breath.

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