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Friday, August 9, 2013


Sometimes God will evict us from our circumstances because we will stay in the same place because we fear what He has in stored for us.
When the door of opportunity has been slammed shut in our face (or on your foot as you were trying to stick it through just in time), friends and loved ones are quick to remind us that “God will open a window.” And it sounds simple enough. When one opportunity doesn’t work out, something else will, right? But how do you know if a window is really open, or if it’s just so clean that it looks open, only to leave you with a smashed face and bruised ego.
I’ve found myself in this position lately, doors unopened, or closed at the last minute, and I’ve been left wondering where I should go next. Is this window cracked open only for fresh air, or am I to go through? Is it okay to go through a window that is unlocked and easily opened? How much effort are we to put in on our part? While I feel certain I need to move thats when doubts and fears creep in.
I often have to remind myself that if I follow my passions then my purpose will follow. To be pateitnt, and for me patience is just not waiting but how you act while waiting. while waiting I have to remember to have gratitiude. By having gratitude in your life this can prevent pain and depression.
I do know one thing for certain and I always hear my Granny say it "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not from your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct your paths".
Trusting in the Lord with all of our hearts is easir said then done. We might say we trust in Him, and the second we're done saying the prayer, we pick ip our worries again. Which, of course, indicates that we really don't trust Him.
So how, exactly, do we do this? Letting go and letting God and trusting Him with all our heart requires a deep relationship with Him. We must enter into a childlike posture and believe that He has our best interests in mind, that He has every desire to work things out for good for us and that He will do it in His own way and His own time. And we must let go of any assumptions we have about what would be best, what we really need, what would make us happy and fulfilled and what would be the best and timetable for all of this to occur.
Whether we are concerned about career opportunities, concerned about a family problem or concerned about a health issue, the invitation sits before each one of us to enter into a trusting relationship with God today. Begin by looking deep into your own heart and ask what your deepest desire is. Then take this deep desire and offer it to God in prayer. Ask for what you need. He tells us to do that. Ask, seek, knock. Then tell Him thank you for hearing you and go back to whatever business was at hand and leave it in His hands.
And if you get scared and try to pick up the problem or issue by worrying about it again, offer Him your doubt, as well. He wants all of us, even the times we worry and doubt that what we asked for can be done.