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Monday, December 10, 2012

Stepping outside the Box

My birthday is in a few days and my life has changed since my birthday last year all because I decide to step outside of my comfort zone.
I put on a great fa├žade, always smiling, laughing having a good time! Always keeping in my place, not speaking about my feelings and opinions. Always doing for others, never being able to say “No”. My attitude was don’t look at me for nothing special; I doubted my ability to step out my box. After all if I stepped out of my box, what would people say? 

From an early age I was taught to doubt myself. My thoughts and ideas were put down or dismissed as being foolish, or ignored completely. When I did or said something I felt my Self needed to say or do, I was humiliated to the point of tears. I told myself to be good be seen but not heard. So by the time I came into my adulthood I had lost my Self. I allowed others through the years define who I was. After many bouts of depression and self-hate, sadness, and loneliness I became content. 

Then this year came and I had many Aha moments that changed my life and the way I view life.

Have you ever consider that there may be more out there for you to discover … if only you would have the courage to step out of your box?

If you are anything like was; you are content with your life as it is now, feeling safe within your box. Perhaps you think, this is who I am, this is all I will ever be, this life is pretty good, I can’t do anything different now anyway so I will just live with it. Notice that voice deep down within your body that knows you could be so much more. Up until this year, I would never listen to that voice, after all I was content in my box.

As one guest said to Oprah, “If you want something you never had, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done.” What do you want that you’ve never had? To get it, what can you do that you’ve never done?

I invite you to consider the following questions, notice how your body feels when you read them, and pay attention to that.

Is your definition of Self truly your own definition?  Are you holding yourself in a certain box because of uncertainty or fear?
Do you believe that you are capable of doing more, living more, being more? What is holding you back from awakening to your own awesomeness and true Self?

I got curious about who I defined my Self to be. As I wrote down the traits I had believed defined me, I discovered that none of those were definitions I had for myself. They were imposed on me. I was not got to be a victim anymore and right then and there I declared I would define my Self, I was stepping out of my box. After all who’s life is it?

 Think of something you’ve always wanted to do, and break it down into teeny tinniest little steps you can imagine. Then cut those in half. Write down those steps, below. Then take one. And another ……

 It’s never to late change” That’s what I did … … I can do all things through Christ who strengths me

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Blog inspired by Oprah's LifeClass lesson "Stepping out the Box"