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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Race Baiting Liberal Style

Do liberals and democrats actually believe what they are saying? Or just trying to score political points? Scare minorities? According to them all Republicans are evil, racist, hate gays, anti-woman, and anti-poor. Just imagine me a black gay republican! I drive liberals crazy.  Every time a republican criticizes President Obama and his polices they are branded a racist. The main stream media keeps saying watch out for “code words” & “dog whistles” of racism. For some strange reason only people on the left can hear these “code words &“dog whistles”.
When MSNBC’s Chris Matthews reached all the way back to Regan-era comments about “welfare queens” in his rants about alleged Republican racism. Thinking back to my political hero President Nixon, the phrase “law and order” was supposed to be a racial “code word” rather than an expression of genuine concern about rising crime. I am not na├»ve and I have not been brainwashed. Certainly, many political issues have genuine racial implications but by insisting that any discussion of taxes, welfare, crime, marriage equality, or illegal immigration is based on bigotry is absurd.
Democrats accuse Republicans like Mr. Romney and Paul Ryan for “ignoring” the poor and gutting social programs for the poor. Then they insist Republicans who mention welfare reform do so not because they take poverty seriously, but because they are racists.
Never mind that there are more white Americans are on welfare than African Americans. Or that welfare reform has been a celebrated plank of the Democratic Party for years now.
What liberals hope to do is make any discussion on any issue they know they are losing on about race. Bring up food stamps(code word)? Wanna talk about wlfare (dog whistle)? Say that President isn’t doing a good job or his polices aren’t working (racial sterotypes).  But here is the problem: the only real racial code words’ and ‘dog whistles’ are actually the terms ‘racial code word’ and ‘dog whistles’. These words are nothing more than Democrats and Liberals wanting to have the ability to call someone a racist without actually having to say so. They do this because it allows them to introduce race, infer racism, and plant the idea that someone is a racist or in my case voting against myself interest without a shred of evidence to support that idea.
I have been called so many vile and ignorant names for being a republican and the name callers have been democrats, liberals and other minorities. And I’m not saying that racist are NOT in the republican party, racist exist in all political parties and of all different backgrounds.