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Friday, October 19, 2012

Letting Go!

In Deuteronomy 7:1-2, GOD instructed His people to utterly destroy their enemies. They were to show no mercy. When GOD tells us it is time to show no mercy. When GOD tells us it is time to deal with our negative, faithless attitudes, it is time to throw away our excuses. No more rationalizing, "Well everybody else is negative; why should I be different?" 
   Get some things over with in your life today by letting go and move forward. Get rid of bad habits and negative attitudes and move on with the future God has for you.Don't let self or others distract you from your vision or purpose in life. Everyone is not meant to be apart of the vision because they can't see or understand the vision. Pray:"Lord, please help me to change. Show me the root of my problem and how to get over it. I want positive changes in my life".

It is important to be sincerely sorry if we do something wrong, but it doesn't help anybody for us to openly mourn over everything that is wrong with us. We will never mature in our faith if we stay angry at ourselves and others. 
We are to repent of our sin, receive forgiveness of it, and then forget it. We must mot drag memories of our old behavior around with us all the time. Sooner or later we have to let go and say, "Well, I made a mistake because I am just an old cracked pot". Then we must let GOD'S light shine through the holes in our surface.
 Use memories and don't let memories use you.